Skinny Kid Vs. Big Guy

The shocked look on his face at the end is worth the watch. More Martial Mayhem ---> Aperture Fight Focused

Posted by Aperture Fight Focused on Wednesday, December 21, 2016


Another day, another street fight. This video got over 96,000 views on our Facebook page. Guess people just like seeing two white dudes going at it on a residential street while their friends egg them on. So many people appear to be recording this fight on their phones. Surely some other angles of this fight exist so it can be properly analyzed and used for future high school street fights.

But seriously, there’s not a lot of technique here. They both keep their feet moving, at least, which is good. And the smaller guy does have a pretty high kick. His friends eventually drag him away, effectively ending the anticlimactic ass-whooping he’s trying to dish out. The bigger guy looks pretty surprised at the way things ended, though. Maybe there will be a rematch someday; we can only hope the phones come back out to record that event, too.