Thank you for purchasing the new Pika Karambit by Bastinelli Knives!

To enrich your purchase we are creating a brand new set of videos that we hope you will watch right here on

The satin finish Pikas are ready to be delivered to our distribution center from Italy,  They are scheduled to ship to North America on May 6th.  This puts us on track to begin shipping them to you beginning on the week of May 15th!

Good news!  The black cerekote Pikas will soon be available.  These blades are roughly 3-4 weeks behind the delivery date of the satin finish versions.  If you are receiving this notification, it means you have ordered the beautiful satin finish.  As a thank you, we are offering a 10% OFF discount if you would like to also purchase the black cerakote Pika!

Thank you for shopping at Aperture Fight Focused!