Aku Strike Knives|LED Training Knife|T16-Mimic


Because of the feedback the Mimic provided,   “confirmation of contact”,    more people were inclined to activate the LED/beeper resulting in a “I got you attitude”. This upped the training because now, your intent is to activate the mimic and your partners response increases accordingly, trying to defend, counter or strike back etc.

“The visual and audible response creates a heightened awareness and competitive environment as well as bringing a realistic component to your training.”

Real knife attacks happen quickly sometimes never seeing the blade. This is evident in some of the videos on our You Tube channel. The Mimics patented design addresses these training issues in a safer way then any other training tool.

  • Aku Strike Mimic promotes realism training with instant visual and audible feedback.
  • The blade pressure needed to activate a stab or strike mimics a real blade.
  • When if you order two knives, the 2 color L.E.D can be really fun.  Red for one player and green for the other player
  • Each color has its own unique tone in case L.E.D is not visible or for outdoor use.
  • Sold individually. Can not be shipped to the EU

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