Simple but effective. The security umbrella seems “ordinary” but an extremely stable umbrella. Perfect for defending strikes, kicks and various attacks.  If you are able to master simple techniques this is a effective self defense tool even against larger attackers

Legal?  As a normal umbrella, it is subject to no legal restrictions around the world and can therefore be easily carried anywhere. It accompanies you “inconspicuously” while walking through the city, events, excursions or on public transit. Blends in around large crowds where things can go wrong quickly. Our umbrellas are so inconspicuous that even security checks at airports are easy.

Under the radar.  This umbrella is easily overlooked and goes unnoticed to most people. In an emergency, you have the element of surprise, if someone should attack you.

Practical.  Usable in everyday life? Baseball bat, pepper spray, gun, Kubutan or stick has practical everyday use.  The security umbrella can be by your side in most weather conditions and reliable when you need it for rain.

Every household owns a few umbrellas, why not get a higher quality umbrella with safety in mind?  This umbrella can protect you from the weather and from potential criminals that wish to do you harm.

Buy one for yourself, your family or a loved one.