We have received and shipped out our first couple of shipments of the Black Cerakote Pikas. We are doing our best to ship out these blades as soon as they arrive.  You will receive a email with tracking information as soon as its packed and ready to ship.

Please be patient as we work on delivering the items to you as soon as possible, we are still waiting for more Pikas to be delivered to us.

Satin Pika update:  All of the Satin Pikas have been shipped out.

We have upgraded our system to better provide you with tracking and alerts about all Aperture Fight Focused orders.

Thank you for your patience and business.
Aperture Fight Focused

  • Bunal Brand Padded sparring sticks

  • The Bladed Grappler 2 Digital Download

  • Eli Knight Street Lethal Mens Crew Neck T-Shirt

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  • Aperture Mens Crew Neck Green T-Shirt

  • Off The Mat-A Street Guide To Jiu Jitsu

  • Aperture Mens Crew Neck Black T-Shirt

  • Aperture Mens Crew Neck Red T-Shirt

  • TUNGSTEN TIP for KUBO AR-Glass Breaker

  • KUBO AR Neck Sheath