Angry boyfriend...

Man flicks cigarette at another guy's girl. Instantly regrets it. Protect your girl--->Aperture Fight FocusedCredit: Kaotic

Posted by Aperture Fight Focused on Friday, December 16, 2016

A Regrettable Cigarette Flick

One sure way to draw out someone’s anger is to mess with their significant other. Luckily for these passersby, the guy looks like he had some training so he was able to protect his girlfriend and lay these two guys out without much effort. It looks at first like he’s just going to leave it alone, but after an apparent exchange of words, he realizes he needs to show these guys what’s up with a couple of well-placed punches.

You can’t hear what is said (there’s no audio with this security footage), or even if there is anything said. Maybe someone gave a Look. Maybe the guy who was smoking just didn’t like the girlfriend. Either way, his little cigarette flick turns into a big problem for him. Something tells me he won’t be flicking another butt at anyone any time soon.