Do you train head movement? Boxers do! Here we see its effectiveness in a street fight! Thoughts? See you in the comments section! - JD

Posted by Aperture Fight Focused on Friday, September 30, 2016

Keep your head down

In boxing, movement is just as important as any punches you learn to throw. Head movement is especially important to train. One guy in this street fight seems to know a slip left or right can make the difference in who is knocked out. Simple head movements protect him from hits many times, and keep Guy 2 off balance.

Thanks to his head movements and slips, Guy 2 is not able to land a solid punch. Meanwhile, as Guy 2 tries to recover from the momentum of that missed punch, Guy 1 is able to land jabs and crosses. At one point he even manages to take Guy 2 to the ground. The video doesn’t seem to show the end of the fight, but Guy 1 seems like he’s just getting started.