That Close With a Gun?

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Posted by Aperture Fight Focused on Monday, December 12, 2016

Who Even Gets That Close With a Gun?

We’ve all seen it in the movies or on the news: A person waving a gun right in a person’s face, or shoving the barrel into their stomach. “But why,” you might think, “would anyone ever get that close? I mean, it’s a gun. It fires projectiles. No contact necessary!” But it does happen. And when it comes to dealing with a person holding a gun, it’s important to understand their intention and motivation. What do they want from you, and why do they feel they need to be so close to you to get it?

The person holding the gun gets close not only to get whatever property they’re after, but also to be intimidating. Being closer also allows them to draw less attention to themselves. Fewer people can see it if they’ve got a gun shoved into your abdomen than if they’re holding it out in front of them from 10 feet away. So you might think, “Who would even get that close if they have a gun?” But they are definitely acting intentionally.