An aperture is an opening through which light travels. Our mission at Aperture: Fight Focused, is to create openings, to shine light, on those that are seeking truth, with no preference to source or lineage, and in some cases, to shine that same light on those trying to keep others in the dark.

Welcome to the Renaissance of Combat.

  • Aku Strike Knives|LED Training Knife|T16-Mimic

  • Ryan Hoover HR-1 Knife

  • Bastinelli Knives Mako Folder

  • Bastinelli Knives Red Folder – Dark Stone Washed

  • Bastinelli Pika Fixed Blade karambit

  • Wihongi Signature Attachment Folder

  • Jared Wihongi Pro FFST | Wihongi Signature Series Pro FFST

  • Jared Wihongi Kubo Aro | Wihongi Signature Series Kubo Aro

  • Jared Wihongi KARAM VI CC | Wihongi Signature Series Karam

  • Browning Black Label | Wihongi Signature Series Dagger

  • Browning Black Label | Wihongi Signature Series Fixed

  • Browning Black Label | Wihongi Signature Series Folder

  • Browning Black Label | Wihongi Signature Series Tomahawk

  • Browning Black Label | Wihongi Signature Kukri

  • Bastinelli Picoeur

  • Amber’s Lucky 13 Workout

  • Shoot Boxing control where the fight happens-Buck Grant

  • Fight Functional Mitt and Glove Drills-Ryan Hoover

  • Close Quarters Fighting with Concealed Carry Weapons-Ryan Hoover Volume 1

  • Jared Wihongi-Clinch Fighting Volume 1

  • Grand Master Bobby Taboada: A Balintawak Story

  • Ryan Hoover-Get the “F” Up

  • Ajarn Buck Grant’s Muay Thai Strategic 20 Episodes

  • Jared Wihongi|Duty Knife as a Backup Weapon

  • Eli Knight The Bladed Grappler Digital Download


Authentic Chinese formula still made in the traditional manner. Manufactured and packaged in glass with guaranteed zero plastic or chemical contamination.

Highest quality Chinese herbs, sourced indigenously or wildcrafted, uncontaminated by chemicals and unsulfered. Herbs & Alcohol Base, zero additives!

If you use this product completely and as directed without experiencing desired results, return your bottle for a full 100% Refund.

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