Take your kali training further!

Posted by Aperture Fight Focused on Monday, November 21, 2016


Want to take your kali training up a notch? Try Marcaida Kali fixed-blade fighting. “Feeders” help you train with a blade by delivering problems you have to solve with kali moves. You train to find the path of least resistance, not to counter specific attacks. That way, no matter what you might be confronted with, your Kali training will kick in and you’ll be able to walk away safely.

These guys look like they are just about tying their arms in knots, but all the movements are very specific. Counter-disarming and grip breaks happen very quickly. Four options for grip breaks are demonstrated in this video. Train long enough, and muscle memory will take over so you can react in a split second. (DO NOT try these blade techniques at home. Funker is not responsible for your actions.)