Knife Defence for VIP: Live Blade Demo

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Posted by Aperture Fight Focused on Sunday, September 11, 2016

Don’t Try Blade Work At Home (Watch This Vid Instead!)

Kicks and punches are great, but what’s Funker without a little blade action? Let’s say there’s a guy coming at you and he’s got a blade of some type, like a knife. You’ve got nothing – except your training. Now, before we roll this video, we’ve got to get the legal stuff out of the way: Please don’t try any of these moves without a trained professional. Funker (AND WHOEVER ELSE YOU NEED TO LEGALLY SAY) is not responsible for your injuries.

It doesn’t matter how close that guy with the blade gets. Fred demonstrates ways to throw him off balance. Strikes to the sides and legs are effective; he also shows what not to do. The objective is to get that blade moving in the opposite direction and break his concentration. That gives you a second to get out of dodge while he’s still trying to figure out what happened.